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Judging from our phone conversations Joshua has been incredibly busy between his classes and homework, doing informal English classes with Bible School students who want to learn or improve their English skills, and church activities on Saturdays and Sundays. And, if you know Joshua at all, anytime anyone asks for help, he will do what he can to lend a hand.IMG_6297

Since he hasn’t had time to update his blog and some very kind people who are part of his life in Edinburg sent some photos recently, I’m sharing them with you as well. :-) Later Joshua may be able to fill in the details of the stories around these photos but for now my explanation will have to do.

IMG_6305 Josh was blessed to celebrate his birthday on October 16 at RGBI. From his description it sounds like he had a delightful day. This was his first birthday away from home, but the many special friends in his life let him know he was loved on his special day.

His birthday began shortly after midnight. Anticipating the traditional birthday routine in the dorm, he had left clothing under his blankets on his bed to fool anyone who came to find him there and hid elsewhere in the dorm.  When his friends finally found him around 12:15 a.m. he was serenaded and doused with shaving cream and water. A lot of laughter and fun was involved in that episode and then he was allowed to sleep.IMG_6309

Joshua with his Aunt Donna

Joshua with his Aunt Donna

That morning, his grammar classmates headed up by his Aunt Donna gave him a birthday party in the Koinonia Coffee Shop on campus. This is the only part of his birthday that I have photos for.

Around noon a friend asked Josh if he would meet him in the commons area of the dorm to look at repairing some furniture. Following that delay tactic a whole group of friends met them at the cafeteria and Joshua was serenaded again. They had cake for him which he was supposed to take a bite off the corner of. Usually the birthday guests push the birthday person’s face into the cake at that point but Joshua did his best to avoid that fate, ducking the hands… till at last a friend picked up the cake and pushed it into his face. 😀 I would love to have a picture of that.

All in all it sounds like he had a very memorable first birthday away from home. I’m so thankful that he has made some good friends through this year.


The Saturday following his birthday the church in the park that he is a part of did a special outreach day for kids that included games and skits to communicate the gospel. The photos were sent to me from a young lady who is a part of the church. I really appreciate receiving these photos. As Joshua’s mother I know I am biased, but Josh has a heart for sharing the gospel with people and he’s an especially good teacher of children. These photos show some of his heart.

This growing church plant has a Facebook page if you would like to follow them here: PLENITUD Facebook page

Joshua’s graduation from language school is planned for December 8. The next day, December 9 he plans to fly with a friend to Colombia. He will be staying with his friend’s family in Medellin, Colombia for about 5 weeks and Lord willing will return to Kansas on January 13, 2016. While in Colombia he will be testing his Spanish language skills in a whole new way! Part of the activities planned for his time there will include working with a couple of ministries. Below are videos describing these ministries:

City of refuge+ChildCry from TSC Missions on Vimeo.

If you would like to contact Joshua to send him a note of encouragement, graduation card and or a gift, his address currently is:
Joshua Mitchell
Rio Grande Bible Institute
4300 South US Hwy 281
Edinburg, TX 78539-9650

You may also email him at: farmerjosh@mitchellfamilyfarm.us

I know he would also want me to mention that he always appreciates your prayers. Prayer is a vital part of his life and is so important. Thank you all for your support and love.


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